First and foremost, size does matter!

Fashion and beauty talks by Jovana R.



A woman’s purse represents her style, personality and characteristics. It is unique to each and everyone one of us, and admit it-the thought of going anywhere without it is a little unimaginable. Whether you are hanging out at your best friend’s house or going out to dinner, the essential ingredients that make up the fabulousness of your purse are always necessary.

First and foremost, size does matter! A big tote is always better, as it forms a great accessory and you can simply fit more and not worry about carrying too much. A pair of sunglasses is not only fashionable but also protective. During these hot summer days, you definitely want to protect your eyes from the UV rays, and at the same time look gorgeous and keep up with the latest trends. Useful yet stylish. Tissues and a hand-cream can always come in handy as well. Next on the list is your wallet-obviously. Making sure you carry some form of ID, and definitely some change, just in case, is always a good idea. Another, perhaps, random item that I personally think one should have in their purse is earphones. I don’t know if you are like me, but whenever I am walking somewhere I always listen to music. It helps the time pass by faster and keeps me entertained as I am trying to avoid being late to wherever I am going.

Now it’s time to start talking the beauty talk. Makeup essentials are always important. I’m not saying to carry every single makeup item you own, but carry a small pouch with the basic day-to-day necessities. This would include a concealer, compact powder, a little bit of blush, mini-mascara and a lip balm. With these pieces you can start your day or evening with a fresh look in 5 minutes. Don’t worry; I didn’t forget one of the most important items that should also be in that makeup pouch. The one and only-your signature lipstick. Am I right ladies, or am I right? ‘The’ lipstick is a perfect fashion accessory, and the pure essence of femininity. It possesses the power to transform your whole look and boost your presence. To finish off the list, last but not least, the go-to-perfume is a definite yes. A mini version of your favourite perfume in your purse is ideal.

I know you may be reading this and thinking how this is way too many items to carry on a daily basis. I used to be the same way. All I was about before was a small clutch with just my phone and some money. Today, the bigger the purse -the better and in this case less is not more.